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Real literacy Teaching Award

Joyful Literacy in Lynn, MA

Goal: $250, Stretch: $500

Campaign: Watch our first Award HERE


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Video nominations will be accepted via Text/Whatsapp to 978.223.3176 and this email. Example below. 



The Real Program is a non-profit that works to address literacy issues in Lynn by providing books, homework assistance, healthy snacks and dinners, enrichment opportunities, college campus visits and just plain healthy fun to children in a safe, caring environment (plus English language tutoring for their parents!


Lynn, MA is a city that 100,000 people call home, where there are 56 languages spoken. There are 22 public elementary schools and only ONE public library. Most of the schools do not have school libraries due to the need for classroom space. Only 50% of the children in Lynn attend preschool before they enter kindergarten. The needs of these children are apparent...



Our idea with this Spark is to recognize Literacy Teachers in Lynn with a nominating process and a cash award. Students of any age are invited to nominate the teacher that inspired them to love reading and writing through a short video.   

Any student of Lynn schools is eligible to participate, nominating an elementary school teacher. Depending on the number of submissions, they will be judged first by the organizers, with the 10 finalists judged by a panel of judges on the basis of passion, clarity, specificity and style. .  



We believe that by publicly and joyfully honoring Literacy Teachers we will increase the value of Literacy in our community and the awareness of how important our Literacy Teachers are. 


Impact Metrics & Benchmarks

We are going to measure how many people participate, how many people donate, how much we raise, how many views and shares our videos get (Pitch and Impact Video) and we are going to do interviews with nominators and nominees.


Team, Partners & Advisors

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We are currently looking for  Partners and Advisors: 

Award Partners help us increase the value of the award (in-kind)

Media Partners help us spread the word. 

Art Partners help us reward our donors. 

Please contact us through SparkUs


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Jan Plourde

Founder & ED

Administration / Budget / Timeline

Video submissions will be accepted via Text/Whatsapp to 978.223.3176 and this email until January 25th, 2020. Round 1 judging will commence immediately, with Round 2 judging finishing early February. 


Rewards / Volunteer

Artist Azubah Denjongpa has donated a cool piece of artwork for one of our lucky donors. This Framed Chicken could be hanging on your wall in just a few weeks:) 

We are always looking for volunteers who are passionate about reading to young children and helping english language learners. Please contact us if you'd like to explore volunteering.  


  • How do I support your project?
    Donations and spreading the word would be awesome! Also, look under the Volunteer section to see what help we might need. Thanks for asking:)
  • Is my donation tax deducible?
    No, unfortunately we are not currently affiliated with a 501c3 organization. If you know an org that might want to "host" us, please let us know.


This is where we will post updates:)​ 

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Team, Partners & Advisors
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