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Mad Dog PAC
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Mad Dog PAC engages in high-impact, high-visibility, non-violent activities to help bring about the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump.

Unlike PAC's funded by wealthy individuals and special interest groups, Mad Dog PAC is fueled by citizens just like you. Our dedicated team of volunteers are motivated by a desire to make a difference.



The work goes on, the dream endures. Mad Dog is doubling down on our efforts - we are determined to restore sane and ethical government.

Please support Mad Dog PAC. We get stuff done. Our tactics are powerful, effective, and fun.


There is a path. And it is forward.


Mitch McConnell



High visibility, non-violent and provocative billboards in Kentucky that make the news, point out the unacceptable political behavior of Moscow Mitch and get people thinking and sometimes laughing. 


Publicly pointing out how Moscow Mitch is NOT serving our country, his die hard supporters may start to ask important questions.


Team, Partners & Advisors

Claude Taylor, a former travel photographer and veteran of presidential campaigns who served as a White House (low level) staffer for Bill Clinton. As a concerned citizen of our great country, I founded Mad Dog Pac in December 2017 as a hard-hitting, media and social media political advocacy organization.

It’s time for country over party.

We will get through this. Together.

Join me on twitter @TrueFactsStated 


How do I support your project?

Donations and spreading the word would be awesome! Also, creative ideas for billboards are welcome!

Is my donation tax deducible?

No your donations are not tax deductible.


This is where we will post updates:)​ 

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