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Celebrate LGBTQ+ Youth

Goal: $250, Stretch: $500



We are two students from KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate who, supported by wonderful families and amazing teachers, are trying to make a positive change in our community. Donations are not tax deductible. 


Growing up is challenging for everyone, but being scared to be honest about who you are  with your community makes it even harder. 

Many amazing activists have made it possible for the LGBTQ+ community to be proud and feel safer, but there is still a long way to go. We want to be part of the next push towards life, liberty and justice for all. 



Our idea is to "host" an online challenge where KIPP high school students (from any KIPP high school) submit "expressions" about LGBTQ+. This could be about the history, the struggles, the experience, the culture, the friendships, the joys...anything connected to LGBTQ+. It just has to be in digital form. 

Any LGBTQ+ KIPP high schooler or ally is eligible to participate. Submissions will be judged first by the organizers, with the 10 finalists judged by a panel of adult judges for creativity, passion, excellence and bravery.  



It's simple: Being public and joyful about our support of LGBTQ+ youth communicates a community's support for them being themselves. Seeing submissions will help LGBTQ youth know that they are not alone. And lastly, having an challenge like this, where there is a chance to win cash is exciting. This excitement is part of the change.  


Impact Metrics & Benchmarks

We are going to measure how many people participate, how many people donate, how much we raise, how many views and shares our videos get (Pitch and Impact Video) and we are going to do some interviews. 


Team, Partners & Advisors

We are currently looking for additional Partners and Advisors: 

A 501c3 "fiscal sponsor"

Advisors with experience in activism.

Media Partners help us spread the word. 

Art Partners help us reward our donors. 

Food Partners help our stay energized while we work. 

Please contact us through SparkUs



Advocacy Teacher, KALC

Ms. Osgood

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 7.02.53 PM.png

Vice-Principal, KALC

Mr. Peters

Administration / Budget / Timeline

Submissions will be accepted via this form link until the Sept. 20th, 2019. Round 1 judging will commence immediately, with Round 2 judging finishing late September/early October. 


Rewards / Volunteer

Artist Rebecca Friedman has donated this cute Orange Squid on Driftwood of artwork for our biggest donor.

While we are not looking for volunteers at the moment we would welcome your help in getting the word out about this challenge.

  • How do I support your project?
    Donations and spreading the word would be awesome! Also, look under the Volunteer section to see what help we might need. Thanks for asking:)
  • Is my donation tax deducible?
    No, unfortunately we are not currently affiliated with a 501c3 organization. If you know an org that might want to "host" us, please let us know.


This is where we will post updates:)​ 

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