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Support Immigrants in our Community


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The Problem: Many immigrants in our community do not know about the resources that are available to them. 

The Solution: We would like to kill two birds with one raffle: get the word out to our community and raise money for an immigrant support organization.

The Theory of Change: We think that if we use a “pull” strategy that we know our community gets excited about (a raffle) we might be able to reach more immigrants than through the “normal” channels (word of mouth, pamphlets, etc.). We also believe that using the money for immigrant support organization will help us increase the trust and connection between our community and these kinds of organizations. 

The Ask: We are asking for $350 to get this project started. We plan on using most of this money for the raffle prizes themselves, with some money for printing and a stipend for editing the Impact Video we send you when we are finished. 

Who we are:  

Nakayla, Taisha, Bianca, Yohanny, Mikellys, Maria, 9th Graders of KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate
Mentor: Mr. Peters

Plastic Bag in Ocean

By KIPP Collective

Giving a Speech

By KIPP Collective

Gun Violence
Pride Parade

By KIPP Collective



05/08/19: Project Page Launched

If you want to contact the team that's in charge of this project or want to learn more just send us a message.
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