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Our "Why"

We believe that civic engagement is essential for a healthy democracy.
And we also know how hard it is to think about the Common Good when there are so many enjoyable and "on demand" distractions (ie. social media, streaming video, online shopping, etc.). 
So, we started with the question: How can civic engagement compete with Facebook, Instagram and Netflix for our limited attention? 

Our "How"

We've decided that civic engagement needs WAY MORE "pull."
This means mobile first, fun and easy to use, inspiring and emotionally rewarding, with a variety of participation options that have the potential to build community.  
This means connecting to users at the moment they need to make the world better, the moment they need hope.

Our "What"

SparkUs connects and supports real people to amplify their social impact and build community through creative, collective action projects that culminate in an uplifting video (the kind you want to share:) 
We think if we offer citizens a way to contribute to the Common Good that aligns with how we are actually living our lives today (airbnb, amazon, instagram), that there are many who will answer the call.
We want to do good. We want to have impact. We need 21st century tools that excite and reward us. 
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